October 2nd 2010

Korean poster

Soon we will be on our way to the other side of the world for the second time in two months, to S.Korea! It’s not always easy to route shows/countries together as in this case, even so the need and desire is there, so off we go.  I have done some research and it looks like a very beautiful country, wish we had the time to travel around and see the countryside and beautiful temples. We are looking forward to performing in Seoul and getting to meet some of our loyal fans we have had for many years. We have to brush up on our Korean 🙂

Shows are at The Mapo Art Center, Seoul, October 9th and 10th.

August 21st 2010

Last night the newly created annual ‘Rock Legends’ Progressive Rock Fest’ was born! It was in Tokyo at an open air theater called ‘Hibiya Open Air Theatre’. Very nice venue a little like the Greek Theatre, LA, on a smaller scale on the edge of a park. There were 2000 people there.We had another great audience and of course The Mystic once again was a triumph. The big banner that flew above the stage was by Roger Dean. The soundcheck in the afternoon was most uncomfortable, it felt like it was in the 100’s… but as usual the crew did a marvellous job in getting everything ready in time…we were three major acts playing the same length of time….huge amounts of equipment, three drum risers and also keyboard risers. When the show started we took the stage again to wonderful reception (it was still daylight..5.20pm precisely) I think I was the most uncomfortable as far as the heat goes. It was about 96 but felt like 106! I lost concentration for a split second in Mother Russia but managed to get through. The band did a great show, but we were all still tired from the jet lag. After the show we went for a Japanese meal and drank LOTS of Sake! Perfect ending!


It was great to meet up once more with our ‘sparring’ partners Steve Hackett and his band who of course played an amazing show!

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