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Scheherazade – The Musical by Michael Dunford of Renaissance

Hey everyone Michael here,

Some of you may remember that I am involved in a musical theatre project and have been for some time.

Scheherazade is a romantic thriller and an original story based very loosely on the 1001 nights as Renaissanc’ did with The Song Of Scheherazade.

My partners are Shaun McKenna who has written the book and lyrics and has had many credits for shows in the West End/TV etc.and co-composer Richard Brown who was the musical director of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) in London and has hundreds of productions under his belt.

Annie Haslam Interview and DVD Review –

August 2012
Ray Shasho

Renaissance is currently working on a brand new studio album entitled, Grandine II Vento. Annie Haslam charmingly performed a live excerpt from the album over the phone for me. She performed a piece from a track they wrote in tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. The piece was powerful, poetic, beautiful, inspiring, and almost reduced me to tears (good thing Annie stopped singing when she did). The early preview convinced me that the new album will be awe-inspiring. Watch for a release date sometime in January.

I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Annie Haslam from her home in Pennsylvania last week. I found Annie to be extremely charming, profound, metaphysical … and hilarious!

Here’s my interview with legendary Renaissance songstress, songwriter, artist, fashion designer, and cancer survivor … ANNIE HASLAM.

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69 Faces of Rock

August 2012
69 Faces of Rock
Mark Kadzielawa

This is truly a lavish release! Not only do you get the DVD of the show, but the soundtrack is also represented on two CDs. And let’s not forget the state of the art packaging, very informative booklet, and what not. A dream come true for a Renaissance fan, and a beautiful souvenir for everyone who attended the 2010/2011 run.

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