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DVD Review – Let it Rock (Canada)

“…homecoming triumph of the brightly burning storytellers of yore.”

DVD Review – Exposé (USA)

“If you liked their classic 70s material, you’ll probably enjoy this – it does heavily favor long-time favorites like “Carpet of the Sun,” “Mother Russia,” and “Running Hard,” and the newer pieces featured are very much in the same style. The selections from Grandine il Vento (2013), the last album produced before Michael Dunford’s death, come off quite well, proving the magic wasn’t gone.”

DVD Review –

“Renaissance score over the 2011 DVD on two counts. One, the video footage is much better shot here (though I’ll leave providing the technical justification for that comment to somebody else!) and the audio too is stunning. The audio is available in two modes – stereo and surround sound. The surround sound set up is incredible. Listening to Annie Haslam’s voice on surround can almost lull you into believing it’s the 70s. Two, the concert features three tracks from Grandine Il Vento/Symphony of Light.”

Annie Haslam interview and Symphony of Light review –

Interview and review at

Symphony of Light review – Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP)

20140313-071939-SOL Cover“There’s no doubt that this is a fresh and enjoyable “return to form” […] and should be an essential purchase for Renaissance lovers.”

Grandine il Vento review – Musical Discoveries

Review at Musical Discoveries by Russ Elliot:

“As Northern Lights co-editor-in-chief, it’s difficult to pen anything other than a biased review of a Renaissance recording. […] Musically, listeners will find a range of recorded material with sounds that span the band’s history extending the sound into more mature almost-operatic pieces like the title track. Listners will find classic progressive rock Renaissance, entries from Dunford’s musical and musings from Haslam’s solo career. […] The treasure of Grandine il Vento is actually its diversity, and diversity is after all the central theme of progressive rock.”

Grandine il Vento Review –

Review at by Ray Shasho:

“After listening to Grandine il Vento, I thoroughly enjoyed the all-encompassing musical arrangements and was overwhelmed by the commanding classical orchestrations. Haslam’s vocalizations were majestic and the duets were poetic … I gave Grandine il Vento (5) Stars.”

Grandine il Vento is available for purchase in CD and digital formats.

Annie Haslam Interview and DVD Review –

August 2012
Ray Shasho

Renaissance is currently working on a brand new studio album entitled, Grandine II Vento. Annie Haslam charmingly performed a live excerpt from the album over the phone for me. She performed a piece from a track they wrote in tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. The piece was powerful, poetic, beautiful, inspiring, and almost reduced me to tears (good thing Annie stopped singing when she did). The early preview convinced me that the new album will be awe-inspiring. Watch for a release date sometime in January.

I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Annie Haslam from her home in Pennsylvania last week. I found Annie to be extremely charming, profound, metaphysical … and hilarious!

Here’s my interview with legendary Renaissance songstress, songwriter, artist, fashion designer, and cancer survivor … ANNIE HASLAM.

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69 Faces of Rock

August 2012
69 Faces of Rock
Mark Kadzielawa

This is truly a lavish release! Not only do you get the DVD of the show, but the soundtrack is also represented on two CDs. And let’s not forget the state of the art packaging, very informative booklet, and what not. A dream come true for a Renaissance fan, and a beautiful souvenir for everyone who attended the 2010/2011 run.

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Sea of Tranquility

April 25 2012
Sea of Tranquility
Pete Pardo

Here’s a wonderful deluxe live set from the current incarnation of Renaissance, that lovely ’70s prog band who so successfully merged classical with symphonic rock and medieval themes. Recorded and filmed at The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pennsylvania on September 23rd, 2011, the band thrilled the audience with a performance of both their classic albums, Turn of the Cards and Sheherazade and Other Stories in their entirety. Joining the ‘classic line-up’ members Annie Haslam and Michael Dunford are keyboard players Rave Cesar & Jason Hart, bassist David Keyes, and drummer Frank Pagano. If you got a chance to see Renaissance on either the 2011 tour or previously in 2009, you know that this line-up is red hot and does their vintage material justice.

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