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Renaissance to Headline NEARfest 2012

Renaissance is proud to  headline the final NEARfest on June 23 2012


Keswick Theatre September 23 2011

Hi Everyone

My goodness, what a day Friday, September 23rd was! We arrived at the Keswick Theatre 2 hours later than scheduled due to a tire blow-out in the middle of a torrential rain storm as we made our way up from Virginia. Notwithstanding that unexpected mess, I had a lot of fun driving everyone batty as I tried out my new IPHONE 4 and video taped our soundcheck. I guess there was no better spot to shoot from than right there on stage!

Anyway, the sound check was very exciting since we (professionals, not me) were filming it and the show; lots of action in all areas!
The show was very special as were our warm very appreciative (and loud) audience.

We are releasing a special limited edition DVD/Double CD package in November, available through our website only. Oh my oh my… just in time to tuck us under your Christmas tree. We’ll keep you posted with all the details. Time for me to get back to working on the artwork, booklet and editing. Bye for now…