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Annie Haslam Serenades in Rio (1998)

Hope you are all having some great family and fun time, if not, then you are having some well deserved quiet time.

For a couple of years I have wanted to find a way to transfer my old hi-8 films on to DVD. Well I went out and bought myself a piece of software for Xmas that allows me to transfer them, these are from my various trips and escapades over the years.. I am thrilled I can do that, I’m addicted to it!

Lots to share so keep tuned in… (particularly when you see me in a SAMBA competition!!!!) But first!

In 1998 I went to Brazil with my solo band, Rave Tesar, Joe Goldberger, David Biglin and Denny Bridges our trusted sound engineer. The shows went fantastically well, the fans were super friendly and avid fans of Renaissance (we have still never been there (YET) as a band… I have some footage to edit of these guys, we had FUN FUN FUN! I stayed on for a vacation to spend time with my friends Carlos and Luiz. While in Rio my favourite place to eat is at a very popular restaurant ‘FAZENDOLA’ in Leblon (Rio) the owner and friend Mary Lou very kindly threw a party for me.

It felt so good to relax and have fun and a few glasses of wine…I do have footage of me dancing during the evening, but not sure if I will share that LOL’s. I wasn’t expecting to ‘sing’ so luckily I wasn’t legless hahahahaha. The Brazilian band had learned our song ‘Let it Grow’ ahead of time. This song was a huge hit in Brazil in the 70’s, but that was still not enough for us to be able to tour.

I do hope you enjoy my rather relaxed and giggly interpretation of ‘Let it Grow’

Love Annie