The New Renaissance CD

November 30th

Michael and I are now in the throes of writing songs for the remainder of our new CD. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it is possible to do the basic groundwork by computers. This never ceases to amaze me. It makes me think back to when we recorded our early albums at De Lane Lea studios in Wembley, UK. The mixing console was huge and the reverb/echo units for the voices etc, where in a separate smaller room. AND everything was recorded on to TAPE … It took longer then to produce a final album, but that was fine by me as we had so much fun and met some great musicians while at the studio. Such wonderful memories! We plan to record the new CD in the US in February/March 2011. As we move along I will keep you updated with the bits and bobs of what is going on.

Peace and Love Annie

Posted November 30th, 2010 in Releases.