New Renaissance Studio Album: Grandine il Vento

Dear Friends and Family:

A big hello and thank you to all for your continuing support. We appreciate the loyalty so many of you have demonstrated during our renewed musical journey. 2011 was a groundbreaking year for us.

We have been busy composing what we believe will be the best Renaissance music ever recorded.

With that in mind, we find ourselves facing the most crucial time in our career: funding the recording of our first studio album in over ten years, called Grandine il Vento.

We must raise all the monies to pay for the production, promotion and distribution ourselves, since major labels no longer care about the music we make nor most of the music you love. Together with you is the only way we can make it happen.

We have put together a program on the fundraising website Kickstarter. There you will find a vast array of pledge opportunities with rewards ranging from advance copies of the album to VIP tickets to concerts, original paintings, executive producer credits, home concerts, plus special items from our private memorabilia collections including two historic guitars and the dress Annie wore on BBC’s Top Of The Pops. Every dollar, pound, euro or yen raised will be put to good use.

Please visit our Kickstarter project and play an integral role in helping us bring Grandine il Vento to life, and to the ears of fans around the world.

Many Thanks,

Annie and Michael

Grandine il Vento

Posted March 27th, 2012 in News, Newsfeed, Releases.